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Why Detox?


Detox has become a very popular activity. It’s practically a trend, but unlike parachute pants or “selfies”, detoxing can actually make a dramatic difference in your health. Now, why do we detox? It isn’t something done out of boredom or in an effort to be popular, right? Even if it is, it still breaks down to health and the normal functioning of the body.

Let’s start with what it takes to keep a body alive. What maintains that quality called “life”? We’ll break it down to a cellular level here. A cell takes in nutrients or fuel and pushes out the rest. The “rest” is actually waste. Now let’s look at the whole body; it takes in fuel and pushes out waste; it eats and expels what it doesn’t use. We could get very detailed about this, but on a very simple level, that’s what the body is doing.

Now, what happens when we feed the body mostly unusable fuel; food that is 1 part nutrients and 9 parts junk? We would have to consume 10 times as much of it to get the nutrients we need, but we would be consuming 90 parts of junk that we now have to expel. The body struggles to handle this junk and ends up storing some of it in fat cells and what it can’t store gets expelled from the body. Now, maybe you’ve noticed an accumulation of fat cells in your own body. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that fat is full of junk, trapped in those fat cells.

Sugars, chemicals, poisons, complicatedly processed foods, etc. are what make up this “junk”. This is why whole, raw foods are so beneficial; they have simple sugars that the body can process easily, they don’t have chemicals or poisons or anything artificial that the body would have to analyze before utilizing and they have the highest density of nutrition.

Most foods today have a higher quantity of unusable ingredients. This is because, as each ingredient gets mixed in with the others, some of the nutrients gets destroyed through chemical cooking, which leaves you with only a percentage of the nutrients that each ingredient originally had.

Whole, raw foods are unmixed, uncooked and overall unaltered, leaving you with more vitamins and enzymes per bite. This gives your detox system a break, as it only has a minimal workload. You also get a deliciously healthy taste in your mouth as a bonus!

When you do a detox, you’re actually helping your body sort through its cells, cleaning out the junk. With these cells freed-up, your body can run more smoothly. The organs and cells that were busily running around like mad, stuffing these particles of junk into fat cells and stressing over the lack of storage space, can now run more efficiently. They can now spend more time repairing your body from the normal wear-n-tear and make it stronger. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

This year, include your body on your list of “Spring Cleaning” by doing a detox. As good as it feels to have a clean house, it will feel even better having a clean body! Do your body a favor and do a detox; it will thank you.

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