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Stay Energized

Potato Light Bulb

Your body runs on electricity, just like your favorite electronic devices. You need electricity to continue to function, just like your phone, your computer or your car.

Now, you aren’t a computer or a phone, and there aren’t any little circuit boards in your head with a bunch of wires, but you do have Mother Nature’s organic version, which also runs on electricity. This doesn’t mean you can just plug yourself into a wall outlet to “recharge” at the end of the day though. I wish it were that simple, but this organic system isn’t meant to be plugged in. Instead, we use food, water and other nutrients to generate that electricity internally. Have you ever seen that science fair experiment where they hook up a potato to a light bulb and it lights up? That’s because potatoes (and many other foods) have the potential to create electricity.

How is electricity created? Here’s the simple version: each cell has atoms. Each atom has 3 parts: electrons, protons and neutrons. When one atom gets close enough to another atom, they can exchange electrons. This exchange is what we call “electricity”. Now, certain atoms have more electrons to exchange, which means they can produce more electricity. This exchange is teeny tiny, so let’s zoom out a bit and look at the whole potato. It has a bunch of organic cells which have a bunch of atoms. When the atoms in the potato combine with the atoms in the body’s cells, they exchange electrons and we get – you guessed it – electricity!

Now, why is it that you can’t just eat anything with atoms and get energy? Why can’t you just eat whatever you want? It’s the same reason that you can’t send electricity through rubber. Certain atoms don’t get along with other atoms and actually repel the electrons instead of exchanging them. This is why you don’t get more energy from eating certain foods. This is also why you can feel like you have less energy after eating certain foods. When you eat foods that aren’t good for you, that food acts as a blocker for the rest of the cells, so less electron exchanging occurs.

Making sure your body’s “wiring” goes uninterrupted means eating healthy foods, staying hydrated and taking any supplements that you aren’t getting from your diet. These are all designed to promote electron flows, which keep you running with high energy. The same way that your computer or phone works better, smarter and faster when it’s fully charged, so will your body. Nature designed all of its fruits and veggies to run on the same types of organic cells that your body is made of, so they can exchange electrons rather nicely. Keep that in mind the next time you feel like you could use a little energy boost. Stay charged my friends!

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