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August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month, so we wanted to give you a tip for handling psoriasis through diet.

Psoriasis is a condition brought about by the white blood cells attacking the healthy skin instead of viruses and bacteria. Normally your white blood cells keep you safe from harm, but with this condition, they seem to get a little confused about who the enemy is. The combination of white blood cells, healthy skin and dead skin creates this scaly crust that can be quite annoying and painful. This is definitely a failure in the immune system, to put it mildly.

So, how do you boost your immune system? By strengthening the organs that run it! Namely, the Liver and Kidneys. These organs work together to filter through everything that goes into your body (including anything that gets absorbed through the skin) and turn it into either nutrients and fuel or waste. These organs also have the task of making sure that your fluids are flowing properly, including the hormones in your immune system.

Now, just like you and me, when we have a super long to-do list for the day, not everything is going to get done. It’s the same with your body. It will focus on the emergencies first and anything else it can fit in, but some things will get left out and put off for another day. Now, think of how much of your to-do list gets done when you are tired or sick. It’s the same with your organs when they get overwhelmed with viruses or bad bacteria or even common toxins like cigarettes, alcohol, excess sugar, processed foods, cleaning chemicals and dyes. These all make the Liver and Kidneys run slower.

To boost these babies, all you need are less toxins and more raw foods in your diet. These foods are particularly good for these organs: blueberries, citrus fruits, onions, bell peppers, garlic, apples, grapes, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, cherries, beets, coconut and watermelon.

Start by making your insides healthy in order to make your outsides healthy too. It’s simple and delicious! Enjoy!

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