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What Is Fat For, Anyway?

What is fat and what is its purpose? All bodies have a layer of fat on them, just below the skin, from head to toe. We may not like it, but we actually need fat for a number of reasons. Our fat has multiple uses, like keeping […]

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Bad Habits Influencing Bad Health

A bad habit that most Americans share is a bad diet. Have you wondered why so many people seem to be overweight today? The most obvious answer is their diet; fast food, junk food and foods full of preservatives. The less obvious answer is association. A lean […]

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Exercise… The Heart and Health

Exercise… The Heart and Health A machine that does not move is prone to stick, malfunction and break. The human body is no different. The more sedentary a person is, the more likely they are to be unhealthy. We tend to be totally unaware of what our […]

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Detox Broth

Detox Broth Toxicity is a subject of great concern. As we eat a diet that is not taken directly from nature, that is processed, full of preservatives, dyes and additives, a portion of what we eat sticks to our cells and colon, making us feel and look […]

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All Roads Lead to the Liver

The liver, our 3 to 4 pound dynamo of durability is the bodyguard of our organs. It never rests as it protects us, day and night, from toxins. While it is very much like a sponge, as it sucks in everything we consume for processing, it is […]

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Kidney Corrections

Kidney Corrections In life, we are taught that there are strange, unmanageable diseases out there to avoid and that any one of us may be stricken with one or a dozen of them if we are not careful. We learn by watching others on TV or in […]

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Too Much Time

When man came in from the cold and learned to live a civilized life in villages and eventually cities, he changed. His creativity began to rise in unison with his new-found free time. It no longer took days or weeks or months to hunt and gather and […]

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Declarations of Health

I received quite a few calls and emails over the holidays, asking for help on how to create a better “ME”, in 2015. So I thought I’d share with ALL of you what I sent to those who asked for my help. Hopefully, this information will help […]

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Dancing With Stress

Dancing with Holiday Stress I am going tell you a story that may be about someone you know. This person is similar to you, but not you. He (or she) is always on-the-go and too busy to really pay attention to how and what they eat. They […]

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Diabetes: An Old Royal Disease

Diabetes: An Old Royal Disease Oddly, the more successful or affluent a culture is, the more Diabetes it sees. Initially, Diabetes was a disease of the royals, as commonly the kings and queens of Europe had the odd malady of sweet-smelling urine, constant thirst and unending urination. […]

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