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Endocrine Interference

Geneticly Modified food

What does the endocrine system do? Well, beside controlling your emotions, it controls your development and aging, energy levels, metabolism, reproductive system and sex drive, hunger, weight loss/gain, digestion, detox and healing. That’s quite a “to do list”, isn’t it?

So, what would happen if something you ate interfered with this system and threw it off? You might run into a few problems, right? Now, what if I told you it wasn’t the food itself, but the chemicals used to produce, preserve or even package the food? These chemicals are unfortunately common and they can cause an array of unfriendly side effects, such as damage to your reproductive system, Hyperthyroidism and Hashomoto’s Thyroiditis Hyperthyroid is a condition where your body produces too much thyroid – a hormone that controls your energy level and development, meaning you’ll have trouble sleeping and age more quickly. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is a condition where your body starts attacking the cells in the thyroid glad, resulting in fatigue, depressions, swelling in your fingers, toes and in the thyroid gland (at the front of your neck), joint stiffness, muscle weakness and weight gain.

So, the endocrine system works off of signals, right? Hormone (A) gets produced and is then received by another gland. That gland calculates the level of (A) and then produces its own hormone (B) to balance it. Then hormone (B) goes out and gets received in another area, which creates hormone (C), etc. Now, if a chemical comes in that looks like (A), then the body is tricked into producing more (B). Now there’s too much (B) because there was never actually any (A). Or worse, a chemical comes in and sits in the little gland receptors, blocking natural hormones from being received. Now, when the body sends out (A), the (B) gland won’t see it and so it won’t produce any (B). Now what if (B) was the hormone you needed to sleep? Or to metabolize your food and turn it into energy instead of fat or waste? Or to process insulin? These endocrine disrupting chemicals are the source of the majority of the physical discomforts you can name, including many diseases and disorders like diabetes, obesity and narcolepsy.

The only reason these chemicals are able to reek havoc on your system is because they can’t be processed by the body. This happens when the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, processed foods, complex foods, etc. and it can’t focus on everything, allowing some of the chemicals to pass through, uninspected. How do you handle it? You get your liver boosted up so it can handle those toxins – you nourish it with simple foods like fruit and veggies and you don’t feed it junk like processed foods, foods with lots of sugar, artificial foods, etc. You also, oddly enough, wouldn’t use scented hygiene products or anything with harsh chemicals, as these also contain endocrine disrupting chemicals. Work these toxins out of your routine and work in more natural food and chemical-free products. Keep that liver happy, because if it’s happy, you will be too.

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