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Don’t Sweat It!

Beat the Heat Girl

Let’s face it, in the summer no one looks forward to sweating and trying to cover up any foul body odor. It’s embarrassing and annoying, not to mention just plain gross. So don’t sweat it, because there’s a solution! That’s right, we’re going into the fourth dimension with the 4 D’s of being odor-free this summer!

First, you should know that your sweat doesn’t actually smell. Weird, right? All by itself, sweat is just water, salt and potassium. It’s actually the chemical reaction of the sweat with toxins and the natural bacteria on your skin that creates “body odor”.

This leads us to the first D: Diet. If you eat a lot of red meat or spicy foods or processed foods, these tend to lend their own odors to the equation. Your body can’t process these foods easily and anything it can’t recognize or process gets labeled as a “toxin” and the body tries to flush it out one way or another. One of these ways is through the sweat glands. Now you have toxins mixing with the sweat and reacting to the bacteria on your skin, which equals body odor. Yuck! So what’s the solution? Avoid processed or spicy foods and don’t go heavy on the red meat. The more organic and unprocessed your food is, the fewer toxins your body has to process and sweat out.

Now, what about the toxins you already have from earlier meals? That’s the second D: Detox. There are plenty of detoxes that you can use, from herbal supplements and juices to soups and bath soaks. Find one that works for you and use it. This should clear out most (if not all) of the built-up toxins, leaving nothing to taint your sweat but the bacteria.

That brings us to the third D: Decontamination. Keep your body clean. Use antibacterial soaps and body wash to fight the bacteria on your skin. Look for unscented brands that use mostly natural ingredients, as your body also has to processes whatever we put ON the body- not just what we put IN it. Exfoliate once or twice a week for a good, deep cleanse. You can also soak your feet once or twice a week in hydrogen peroxide or vinegar for 20 – 30 minutes before bed. This kills the bacteria that can cause bad odors, fungus and athlete’s foot.

Finally, there is the final D: Discipline. It takes some good self-discipline to get into these hygienic habits, but once you get it worked into your routine, it should become a habit like any other.

Once you get into these habits, you’ll not only be healthier for it but you’ll look healthier, feel healthier and smell better too! Enjoy summer again and don’t sweat the odors!

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