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A Toxic Start

toxic mom

With the toxic world we live in, there is no lack of ways to consume toxins, even from Day 1. Breastfeeding sounds like the most natural way to feed your baby, right? It goes straight from mother to baby; no preservatives, no processing or harsh chemicals, etc., right?

Well, not exactly. You see, Mommy has already been contaminated and the toxins in her are fed to the baby directly. Mommy has actually been sharing her toxins since the day the baby was conceived. So that’s 9 months of getting toxins fed to you directly, while your liver and kidneys aren’t developed enough to handle them. Since these are the main organs for filtering and cleansing the body, that’s a pretty serious problem.

Fortunately, the fetus is quite resilient and usually makes a full recovery. However, he hasn’t actually gotten rid of these toxins. As the baby grows, he will accumulate more and more toxins from his environment and if his body isn’t able to expel them, he winds up with various unwanted symptoms and diseases.

Now, how do we know that Mommy has toxins? Where did they come from? Just about everywhere. From the plastic shower curtain to her makeup, nail polish, hairspray and deodorant. Even her organic food can have toxins in it. If her food was shipped or packaged in plastic or Styrofoam, it has traces of toxins on it. The main villain here is a family of chemicals called phthalates [ THAL – ayts ], which are chemical compounds used as in softening plastics and in many personal grooming products. Phthalates come out of plastics in a gaseous form and get into everything around them. So even your plastic water bottle is excreting toxins. Phthalate can cause such things as organ damage, birth defects, asthma, fertility issues, hormone imbalances and obesity.

Now, this isn’t to say the we’re all doomed because we all use plastics and grooming products in some form or another. There is hope. You’ve let toxins come in, whether in tiny amounts over time, or in larger amounts, with known toxins such as alcohol, drugs, or deep-fried, fatty, sugary foods. If you never clean them out, pretty soon your body will be pretty uninhabitable. So, short of getting phthalates banned like they have in parts of Europe, the solution for every body is to cleanse it. Do a little spring cleaning with your body and feel the difference in your overall health! Check out our recent blogs for detox recipes and foods that promote natural detoxing.

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